Non-custodial Digital Asset
Lending Platform

Borrow and lend assets on the Ethereum blockchain

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Bloqboard — borrow, lend, settle and manage loans backed by digital assets on the Ethereum blockchain

Provides traders and market makers ability to borrow and lend tokens peer-to-peer or from a liquidity pool

Borrow and lend tokens

Peer-to-peer and from liquidity pool.

Dharma and Compound protocols

Bloqboard is powered by Dharma and Compound protocols.

Web 3.0

Login with Metamask. Ledger and Tresor wallets are supported via Metamask. 

Transaction settlement on the Ethereum blockchain.

Free to use while in Beta

Pay only for gas on the Ethereum blockchain for transaction processing.

Bloqboard is built for

  • Short spot market
  • Hedge overall portfolio risk
  • Margin trade
  • Arbitrage
  • Working capital for market makers
  • Access and manage all your Dharma and Compound protocol loans and collateral from convenient dashboard
  • Earn additional yield on portfolio holdings
  • Collateralized loans
  • Access all your Dharma and Compound protocol loans from convenient dashboard
Financial app developers
Financial app developers
  • Use Bloqboard's API to integrate with global liquidity network
  • Trading platforms
  • Asset management platforms